New review of Andy Borowitz’s “An Unexpected Twist” at Download the Universe

In 2008, Andy Borowitz’s knotted colon (and the “top rated” doctors that operated on him) almost killed him. His ebook about the experience, An Unexpected Twist, is a testament to Kindle Single’s raison d’etre: “compelling ideas expressed at their natural length.” My new review has just been posted at the online science e-book review Download the Universe:

What follows brings a whole new meaning to having a run of shit luck. After an operation to untwist his colon — “by hand, the artisanal way” — Borowitz undergoes another procedure to remove approximately two feet of his large intestine. No sooner had he returned home than he begins vomiting uncontrollably, “like I’ve just seen a Matthew McConaughey movie or something.” With the exception of a brief respite provided by a couple of enemas, hand-administered by Borowitz’s saintly wife, things only get worse; by the time he gets back to the ER the next day, his resting heart rate is 120, his blood pressure is crashing, and his stomach has filed with bile. As it turned out, Borowitz’s colon had, during the previous operation, “sprung a leak,” which means that “at this point ‘Shit’ is both a justifiable response and an accurate diagnosis.” His chance of surviving the emergency surgery that will attempt to fix this is approximately 50 percent.

Read the rest of the review at DtU.

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