Get your free copy of The Panic Virus (and check out the National Press Foundation’s Vaccine Webinar, too!)

This month, the National Press Foundation is holding a series of free webinars on vaccines, hosting by Peg Willingham, the genius behind the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign and a long-time authority on vaccines. Tomorrow, I’ll be joining Peg for an hour-long chat, which is free to registered attendees. Here’s the Press Foundation’s blurb:

Declining U.S. and European vaccine rates reflect the distrust of small groups of people, from activists to tribal leaders, who fear that vaccines may harm them and their children. There is no science to support them. But in our fast-paced media world, an ignorant presidential candidate can falsely link an approved vaccine with causing mental retardation, immediately shifting the conversation to proving a negative. As vaccination rates fall, disease rates can increase – as has been seen in affluent America and poverty-stricken northern Nigeria. What do responsible journalists need to know? How do they separate fact from fiction? Where do they find accurate information?

You can register for the event here — and 10 registered attendees will get a free copy of The Panic Virus!

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