Happy anniversary…

My corner of the PLoS Blogs universe has been a bit quiet as of late: Moving/starting a new job/planning for a new baby has made it a challenge for me to keep on top of daily activities like brushing my teeth and remembering to shave — never mind cogently commenting/reporting on sundry real-world events. (For me, at least, blogging is kind of like exercising: It’s incredibly exhilarating & rewarding when you get in a groove, but it’s hard to jump back on the treadmill after you’ve stepped off for a while.)

But something happened this week necessitates special comment: Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the PLoS Blogs Network.  For those of you who access this blog via RSS — or any other way other than the main PLoS Blog homepage, take a second and go check it out. I’ll wait.

Pretty damn impressive, huh? You’ve got former Scientific American editor-in-chief John Rennie unleashing his ferocious intelligence in The Gleaning Retort. (After you’re done reading his anniversary piece, check out this post, where Rennie references Mongolian death worms, H.P. Lovecraft, Dune,  Ridley Scott, and Linnaeus…in a single sentence.) There’s Speakeasy Science by Pulitzer winner Deborah Blum, one of the foremost science writers and educators in the country and the author of The Poinsoner’s Handbook. Want the perspective of a cancer researcher in Germany? Here’s Martin Fenner’s Gobbledygook. Curious about what Here is a Human Being author Misha Angrist has been thinking about? Check out Genomeboy. Not up to speed on the latest work from the world’s greatest Deadhead/former restaurant critic/science journalist extraordinaire/author-to-be Steve Silberman? Head over to Neurotribes. You get the idea…

That all of this has been put together in 12 months is incredible, and a true testament to neuroscientist-turned-science writer Brian Mossop, who, in addition to churning out a steady diet of his own work (here’s a collection of his clips), is the Community Manager at the Public Library of Science. If I were a betting man, I’d wager some money that there’ll be a lot more to get excited about from Brian, and from PLoS Blogs, over the next year…

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2 Responses to Happy anniversary…

  1. John Rennie says:

    …check out this post, where Rennie references Mongolian death worms, H.P. Lovecraft, Dune, Ridley Scott, and Linnaeus…in a single sentence.

    Thanks, Seth. That sentence gave me an unholy amount of pleasure when I wrote it.

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