Illinois the latest state to launch investigation into chemically castrating autism doc

It seems more and more states are taking a long, hard, look at whether they want to rubber-stamp Mark Geier’s money-making schemes to set up clinics to administer Lupron, a drug used to treat a rare disorder called precocious puberty and to chemically castrate sex offenders: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that Illinois will conduct a hearing next month on Mark Geier’s license to practice medicine in that state. Geier has already had his license suspended in Maryland, where he lives and works, and Washington.

It’s fitting that Illinois is looking into Geier’s work: The Chicago Tribune was the first major newspaper to shine a light on the pseudo-scientific quackery Geier and his son were peddling with the promise of miracle cures.

* Lessons from the shaming of a chemically castrating doctor who endangers autistic children and exploits their parents (May 4)
* Maryland charges son of doctor accused of endangering autistic children with practicing medicine without a license (May 20)
* Roundups and reactions to the latest charges against Mark and David Geier (May 20)
* Washington State joins Maryland in suspending Mark Geier’s medical license (May 27)

* Researcher who “does not meet the standard of reliability required by case law” good enough for PBS’s NewsHour (April 20)
* Rolling Stone re-posts RFK Jr. story lauding Mark Geier (May 13)
* Speaking of chemical castration: Still no word from Rolling Stone on re-appearance of RFK Jr. story (May 20)

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7 Responses to Illinois the latest state to launch investigation into chemically castrating autism doc

  1. Todd W. says:

    Just an FYI, Geier has also had his license suspended in Virginia and Indiana.

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  3. K says:

    This is great news! I had reported them when the story broke, then later received notice that an investigation was underway…

    Good to know our sorry state is capable of constructive things (instead of the crooked governors, corruption, and street gang violence we’re famous for).

  4. Ted Clayton says:

    Dr. Mark Geier is evidently piggy-backing on the emergence of a surprisingly strong conspiracy theory, that vaccines (eg, mercury putatively used in the production process) are causing autism, and medicine & government are colluding to conceal the truth from anguished parents .

    This conspiracy theory movement is so strong, it is making a meaningful dent in overall vaccination rates & coverage, in modern western nations. Parents and other actors are demanding – and getting – changes to vaccination policies in schools, etc.

    Each professional who chooses to step outside modern science & medicine, and champion the cause of the conspiracy theorists, can parlay his resulting notoriety into cult-hero status, with the anti-vaccine movement.

    Geier looks to be trading his medical degree for the potential to earn millions quickly, pandering to the conspiracists.

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