China Hospital CEO Magazine: “Better than the Art of War and The Analects of Confucius combined”

(At least that’s how I’m going to interpret this review by Jodie Zhang^ until someone tells me otherwise.)

^ Note: This really did appear in China Hospital CEO. Here’s how the magazine describes itself:

Founded in 2005, China Hospital CEO was the first semimonthly of hospital management magazine in China.

Taking the global experiences as reference, the harmonious China as the vision, the benefit of life as a wish, the creative management as a path, China Hospital CEO commits itself to analyze deeply the problems faced by China’s healthcare managers, to track creatively the optimized solution and the successful experience which can help promote China’s healthcare development, and to share openly the management art of leaders.

As a high-end magazine, China Hospital CEO has become the best media for brand advertisement within healthcare industry, through integrating healthcare resources, satisfying the targeting readers’ three needs—“broaden the horizon, innovate hospital management, promote personal charm,” and providing ways and solutions of management which can help “cultivate excellent leadership, advance core competence”. At the same time, China Hospital CEO held several healthcare industry expositions, forums and summits, won the recognition and respect from readers, clients and competitors, and created values for participants.

China Hospital CEO has become the preferred magazine for hospital managers, and it has firmly established itself as a leading magazine focusing on healthcare management, with a circulation of nearly 35,000 per issue.

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