Does this mean no more “Dr. Bob” Sears photo-ops with Andrew Wakefield?

Here’s another data-point that should highlight why I’m so gobsmacked that “Dr.” Bob Sears has disappeared all mentions of his years of anti-vaccine pandering from his re-designed website:

If there’s a patron saint of the modern-day anti-vaccine movement, it’s Andrew Wakefield; one leading anti-vaccine activist recently compared Wakefield to “Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ rolled up into one.” (This Daily Beast piece has some history on Wakefield’s role in this controversy, as does the front-flap copy of my book.) In 2010, Andrew Wakefield’s name was officially struck off of the UK’s medical register for his fraudulent 1998 paper linking the MMR vaccine to autism. The ruling of the UK’s General Medical Council that led to Wakefield’s defrocking including findings that he’d been “dishonest,” “irresponsible,” “misleading,” and “in breach of duty,” and that he’d “showed a callous disregard for the distress and pain that you knew or ought to have known the children involved [in Wakefield’s experiments] might suffer.”

Less than a week after Wakefield lost his license, Sears posed with Wakefield at the largest anti-vaccine conference in the country:

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3 Responses to Does this mean no more “Dr. Bob” Sears photo-ops with Andrew Wakefield?

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  2. Catherina says:

    On the contrary, I think without responsibility for the family web shop and web site clicks, he might go further down the Wakefield way..

  3. Natural Nurture says:

    How does Rupert Murdoch and media hit men such as his ‘Dear’ Friend—Brian Deer, his investigative journalist with allegedly no medical background and the fact that the MMR vaccine’s factory is GSK and Merck….and Murdoch’s son, the head of the media empire is also on the board of Merck and GSK. Hard to take away any credibility for the thorns thrown at Dr. Andrew Wakefield when their is so much cupidity at stake hidden by the stupidity conjured up to descredit anything and anyone who gets in the way of big business….

    Sadly profit trumps prudence and people’s health…. again….brought on by the media moguls and marionettes playing all the people and politicians as puppets for profit.