Washington State joins Maryland in suspending license of doc who chemically castrates autistic children

On Friday, public health officials in Washington State followed steps taken by Maryland last month and suspended Mark Geier’s license to practice medicine. Geier and his son David are popular in anti-vaccine circles for their “Lupron protocol,” which involves injecting autistic children with high doses of a drug used to chemically castrate sex offenders. The Maryland State Board of Physicians said Geier “endangers autistic children and exploits their parents by administering to the children a treatment protocol that has a known substantial risk of serious harm and which is neither consistent with evidence-based medicine nor generally accepted in the relevant scientific community.”

(David Geier has not emerged unscathed from this scrutiny: A little over a week ago, Maryland charged him with practicing medicine without a license.)

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer wrote that while the Geiers’ businesses include a clinic in Redmond, “it’s unclear if Geier ever practiced in the state.”

The recent accusations against the Geiers does not seem to have affected their status in the anti-vaccine wing of the autism-advocacy community: Earlier today, the Geiers were scheduled to give a speech at this year’s AutismOne/Generation Rescue conference in Chicago titled “Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism: The Role and Treatment of Elevated Male Hormones and Associated Clinical/Behavioral Problems.”

Jenny McCarthy is scheduled to give the conference’s keynote address tomorrow afternoon.

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3 Responses to Washington State joins Maryland in suspending license of doc who chemically castrates autistic children

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  2. jre says:

    Ken Reibel and Jamie Bernstein, who had done nothing wrong, or even rude, were forcibly thrown out of Autism One simply because an organizer recognized Reibel and knew he was not one of the flock.

    Mark and David Geier on the other hand, at that time under severe legal sanctions for a grotesque and shocking pattern of deliberate medical malpractice, were honored speakers at the same conference.

    What’s the word for that?

  3. Matt Carey says:

    There has been surprisingly little mention of the Geiers from their supporters online.

    It was a Geier paper that first got me to question autism research. Their paper was so clearly biased that I knew that there was an agenda to the epidemic.

    Much of their subsequent research has been of such poor quality that I am just stunned that they can find journals to print the papers.

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