Speaking of chemical castration…still no word from Rolling Stone on the re-appearance of its RFK Jr. story

A week ago, Rolling Stone reposted “Deadly Immunity,” the factually challenged 2005 piece by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., about a decades-long government conspiracy to hide the damaging effects of vaccines. The story relied in no small part on evidence and analysis provided by Mark and David Geier, the father-and-son team that promote a form of chemical castration to treat autistic children. (Mark Geier has had his license suspended by the state of Maryland; David Geier has been charged with practicing medicine without a license.)

I emailed a RS spokesman a series of questions about their decision to put the piece back up in the web. I haven’t heard anything back — not even a “no comment.” I sent over a follow-up email this morning; I’ll keep folks posted on what happens.

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