"The Autism Vaccine Hoax"

The Wall Street Journal‘s editorial page has, over the years, been refreshingly outspoken on the subject of vaccines and autism. On December 29, 2003, it published a piece titled “The Politics of Autism” that took an unusually definitive stand on an issue about which most of the media was presenting as an “on the one hand, on the other hand” debate:

This is a story of politics and lawyers trumping science and medicine. It concerns thimerosal, a preservative that was used in vaccines for 60 years and has never been credibly linked to any health problems. Nonetheless, a small but vocal group of parents have taken to claiming that thimerosal causes autism, a brain disorder that impairs normal social interaction. The result has been an ugly legal and political spat that has spilled into Congress and is frightening some parents from vaccinating their children against such deadly diseases as tetanus and whooping cough. …

But their understandable passion shouldn’t be allowed to trump undeniable evidence and damage childhood immunizations that are essential to public health. Vaccine makers stopped using thimerosal a few years ago, but the autism lawsuits threaten those companies with enough damage that their ability to supply vaccines is in jeopardy.

That editorial resulted in such an outpouring of threats and vitriol that the paper responded with another piece, which proved to be sadly prescient, several months later:

Autism is a terrible diagnosis, and we hope science soon gives parents the chance at a cure. But the best way to achieve that goal is through open and honest inquiry that shouldn’t be stopped because of the clamoring of an intolerant few. …

As writers for an independent newspaper, we aren’t about to shut up. But what worries us is that these activists are using the same tactics in an attempt to silence others with crucial roles in public health and scientific research. The campaign to silence or discredit them has already had damaging consequences. …

Yesterday, the Journal used the most recent evidence undermining Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 Lancet paper to take on the issue again. The editorial, titled “The Autism Vaccine Hoax,” is not available online. Here are some excerpts:

Twelve years late, the media and medical community may finally be digging a grave for one of the more damaging medical scares in history. We’re speaking of the vaccines-cause-autism panic, the burial of which cannot come too soon. …

Despite broad evidence even in the 1990s that these claims were unfounded, the medical community was slow to push back. Nervous public-health groups inspired a panic by rushing to get thimerosal out of vaccines. The Lancet stuck by its article, the media sensationalized the story, and Congress joined the cause celebre. Maine Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins went so far as to kill a vaccine liability provision so that parents could bring thimerosal suits. Indiana Republican Dan Burton was especially irresponsible in raising public fears. …

Researchers have all the while continued to churn out studies disproving the vaccine-autism link. Vaccine courts have struck down thimerosal claims. Yet it is only recently that professional journals and media have rediscovered a responsibility gene. …

This is a start, but the health community and media have a long way to go to restore public trust in immunizations. They also bear some responsibility for the dollars that have been diverted from research into finding the real causes of the terrible affliction that is autism. Let’s hope they now broadcast the vaccine truth as much as they encouraged the vaccine panic.

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21 Responses to "The Autism Vaccine Hoax"

  1. Lowell says:

    Lets take a closer look at this. Plos Blogs comes straight from the Plosone Science, publication.

    About PLoS Blogs


    PLoS (stands for the Public Library of Science) is a non profit publisher and advocacy organization on a mission to lead a transformation in research communication. From its start, PLoS has engaged in debate about science and medicine. Beginning with the launch of our main blog, plos.org, back in 2006, PLoS quickly realized how informal communication can catch readers’ attention. PLoS ONE then launched their journal blog, everyONE in March 2009. Two months later, the editors of PLoS Medicine started Speaking of Medicine to interact with those interested in global health.


    PLoS celebrates milestone


    The Public Library of Science was born out of a simple belief that the internet offered a better way to publish scientific and medical research. The huge community support we’ve garnered is testament to the success of PLoS as a publisher and to full open access as a business model that is leading a transformation in research communication.


    OK, now lets look at one of the most damaging to the medcial profession and vaccine studies ever done! Where does it come from? Seems that they have ignored the largest elephant in the room. They are in all reality here, clearly ignoring the science and cherry picking the science, from within their own publication.

    Heres is the proof.

    Self-Organized Criticality Theory of Autoimmunity

    Conclusions: SignificanceSystemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host’s immune ‘system’ by repeated immunization with antigen, to the levels that surpass system’s self-organized criticality.


    Now, lets all the similar aluminum adjuvant harm science found on thsi page of my webstite.

    Facts About Vaccine Aluminum Adjuvants, (including some very damning real science).

    Lack Of Aluminum Adjuvant Safety Data

    Excerpts from the page:

    Despite the number of references to aluminum toxicity, the FDA has always exempted it from testing, by putting it on their “Generally Regarded as Safe” ( GRAS ) list. Aluminum can be added to foods, medicines or water without restriction from the FDA.


    Aluminum toxicity is a widespread problem in all forms of life, including humans, animals, fish, plants and trees, and causes widespread degradation of the environment and health. Over 7000 reference articles on aluminum toxicity exist in various data bases; ( as of 1996 ) all recognizing the toxicity but concluding the mechanism of action is unknown. — [ Search results – scirus.com ]


    (Continued excerpts)

    From: History of crime against the Food Laws (1929) by Dr. Riley, the prime mover behind the original Pure Food Law and Director of the FDA. He resigned in disgust in 1912 over exceptions granted to the law and lack of enforcement.

    Aluminum has been exempted from testing for safety by the FDA under a convoluted logic wherein it is classified as GRAS. (Generally Regarded As Safe.) It has never been tested by the FDA on its safety and there are NO restrictions whatever on the amount or use of aluminum. Diseases Associated with Aluminium Intoxication. H. Tomlinson, M.B., Ch.B., MRCS., LRCP.

    Since that time thousands of studies have been published indicating aluminum is involved in neurological dysfunction, immunocompetence, as well as a host of other morbidities. I cannot begin to reference them all. Sepsis: a cause of aluminum release from tissue stores associated with acute neurological dysfunction and mortality. Davenport A. – Williams P.S. – Roberts N.B. – Bone J.M. From: Clin Nephrol (1988 Jul) 30(1):48-51.


    Excerpts: (page source):


  2. Lowell says:

    Studies like this, they entirely ignore.

    Curr Med Chem. 2011;18(17):2630-7.
    Aluminum vaccine adjuvants: are they safe?
    Tomljenovic L, Shaw CA.

    Source:Neural Dynamics Research Group, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1L8, Canada.

    Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant. Despite almost 90 years of widespread use of aluminum adjuvants, medical science’s understanding about their mechanisms of action is still remarkably poor. There is also a concerning scarcity of data on toxicology and pharmacokinetics of these compounds. In spite of this, the notion that aluminum in vaccines is safe appears to be widely accepted. Experimental research, however, clearly shows that aluminum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans. In particular, aluminum in adjuvant form carries a risk for autoimmunity, long-term brain inflammation and associated neurological complications and may thus have profound and widespread adverse health consequences. In our opinion, the possibility that vaccine benefits may have been overrated and the risk of potential adverse effects underestimated, has not been rigorously evaluated in the medical and scientific community. We hope that the present paper will provide a framework for a much needed and long overdue assessment of this highly contentious medical issue.
    PMID: 21568886 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]


    Full study:


    “The Autism Vaccine Hoax”
    By Seth Mnookin
    Posted: January 9, 2011

    Autism is a terrible diagnosis, and we hope science soon gives parents the chance at a cure. But the best way to achieve that goal is through open and honest inquiry that shouldn’t be stopped because of the clamoring of an intolerant few. …

    That cure already exists, and has recovered 100’s of children; one more example right here. Mr Mookin has no right to deny the children the help they need, only due to the agenda he has as to his need of and intedned agenda as to denial of the vaccine damage, no matter what; and with a mindset that that no information nor amount of real and unbiased science would be enough. In the minds of such people as Mookin, if Paul offit and the CDc did not acknowledge that the studies exist, then they simply do not exist, nor will they ever acquire any level of credibility, because they simply must deny the vaccine truth.

    Recovering Caroline

    Advances in Research

    Immune Function & ASD, (how would that happen any other way than through the toxicity of multiple vaccines)?


    Recovery Stories, and Videos

    Dietary Intervention Videos


    More excepts from the article, The Autism Vaccine Hoax”
    By Seth Mnookin

    Yesterday, the Journal used the most recent evidence undermining Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 Lancet paper to take on the issue again. The editorial, titled “The Autism Vaccine Hoax,” is not available online. Here are some excerpts:

    Twelve years late, the media and medical community may finally be digging a grave for one of the more damaging medical scares in history. We’re speaking of the vaccines-cause-autism panic, the burial of which cannot come too soon. …


    Additional analysis of those next said statements, above; again excerpted from said titled page: “The Autism Vaccine Hoax”, By Seth Mnookin

    Why then is there existing so much supporting scicntific research and as well four studies done that have nearly replicted Wakefields 1998 Lancet study, and as well having found the same and more findings? Does Mr. Moonkin actually understand science and the science; or does he as the CDC does, ignore any unbiased scicne that does not fit with the vaccines are safe and effective claim and agenda? Cherry picking that science is simply a redirect to willful ignorance and a clear desire to never know the real answers and the truth. That mind set could only come from having to much to lose, the truth be known. So, Mr. Moonkins credibility here, in light of these facts and these observations, just went to the level of ZERO, as a fact.


  3. Chris says:

    Mr. Mnookin, it looks like Lowell is a Gish Gallop spammer.

    • Lowell says:

      Here is the counter blog that goes with that, Chris. Seems to be that the blog you referenced to is nothing but a collection of personal attacks, lies, and obvious misinformation. You can clearly see that when the real truth, comes to light.


      • Chris says:

        I know, you are quite amusing.

        Now answer my question: what it the most common metal element on this planet’s crust?

        Hint: it is included in the minerals that make up the soil plants are grown in.

  4. Seth Mnookin says:

    If nothing else, it’ll keep him busy…

  5. Lowell says:

    Can”t even respond nor reply to the actual information. That is exactly what I thought. To much truth, isn’t it? Pharma shills and their personal attacks, are not science, nor fact information. And the children still suffer, and they will keep suffering until they face the facts. There is just to much to lose, and nothing will be admitted to, until forced to. Who is going to force them; they control the information, and they silence the critics. Nothing would be enough. Thanks for providing the proof of exactly what I set out to show.

    • Chris says:

      Okay, you can start by answering one question:

      What is the most common metal element on this planet’s crust?

      • Lowell says:

        [Okay, you can start by answering one question:

        What is the most common metal element on this planet’s crust?]

        Uranium exists in large qualtities as well; does that mean it is safe in vaccines? In making the claim you are eluding to, it thus is your job to prove the safety of the specific heavy metal you refer to. All you are at, is the beginning point of attempting to build and put forth the same false and failed claims and rationalizations that are and have been easily discredited by anyone with even basic reasoning capability, before. You will get no.. where, with that.

        Provide me the vaccine safety studies on aluminum adjuvants, and/or any other heavy metal? You people (as you claim to), are all about the science and that scientific method, so get started. You can see the studies, etc. that I have put forth; do you have anything to counter that information? Thats funny, the CDC and Paul Offit does not have any either?

        Here we go; I can hear it now, same old, same old; declaring as to any such heavy metals as aluminum and mercury; “its the same thing and detoxed the same way as if ingested by dietary means”. No it is NOT. Prove to me that it is? Is it just because Paul Offit, and CHOP say it is? Where is the human based physiological science to make that claim??? They have no science, and no actual safety studies, period.

        • Chris says:

          Wrong. Uranium is not the most common metal element on this planet’s crust.

          On what planet is aluminum a heavy metal?

  6. Andrew says:

    “Can”t even respond nor reply to the actual information.”

    Thank you for admitting that.

    “Who is going to force them; they control the information, and they silence the critics. ”

    Why is a big bad Pharma Shill like Seth providing you a forum rather than silencing your brave voice? Why do the antivaccine forums boast of banning all contrary information from their sites? Which side is really censoring – the pro-children blogs like this one, or the pro-disease ones?

    • Lowell says:

      You sound quite confused Andrew. We are talking about seperate entities when we speak of organized chemical medicine, verses the like of this blog. You see that is how you people run the denial scam. Smoke and mirrors. Where is your common sense and basic comprehension?

      • Andrew says:

        Who is “we”? You are talking about a fantasy world in which you are being suppressed, while I am talking about the real world in which you and your ilk are given a forum to make your best case, and then whine about suppression when you find that you’ve convinced no one. Hope that helps.

  7. Lowell says:

    No matter how many times you choose to throw the diversion tactics to this, Andrew; this is not, as to what I have in front of you, even any longer about the suppression of information. This is not about who convinced who, or did not? This is about what is the truth, and what does the real science and information show us us. The vaccine truth movement is as you obviously know, growing much larger, and as well the level of information and the science available is growing; so you might as well deal with that here and now.

    I know in your world, that all but the Paul Offit, CHOP, and CDC information and propaganda is entirely off the table for review; but just maybe what you see in front of you, actually trumps anything they have and ever will put forth. Are you refusing to take notice of that? Yes, or no?

    Where is the vaccine safety and effectivness science that the CDC claims to? The CDC funded epidemiological studies have been done on what, so far? Answer: One vaccine, and one vaccine ingredient; is that correct? The MMR, and thimerosal. Is that in itself conclusive enough for you to proclaim that vaccines, and multiple vaccines, are all safe and effective? Yes, or no? You see, when you people get put on the spot, all you can do is come up with more obvious diversion tactics, personal attacks on all sources, as to credibility; and as well. Does it bother you at all, that clearly the safety studies have not been done? Do the clear and potential ramifications of that fact, sit well with you as to your denial of what I am putting in front of you, right now?

    Aluminum-hydroxide in vaccines causes serious health problems By Tenna Merchent

    Brain inflammation link to autism

    Rivers of Death

    Dehydration, Blood Chi, Zeta Potential, Mercury, Aluminum, Vaccines, Vitamin C

    by Mark Sircus


    Shaw’s study completed peer review, it was published in in 2007 in Neuromolecular Medicine:

    Aluminum adjuvant linked to gulf war illness induces motor neuron death in mice; (also addresses the added squalene to increase adjuvant effectiveness issue; again, just because you can consume it; does NOT mean you can safely inject it; these are two entirely differant things; just like the unlisted peanut oil in vaccines; and just like L. Histidine now in Gardasil. It will cause when injected, unwanted immune reactivity. Again, they do not have a clue what they are doing, nor want to).

    Neuromolecular Med. 2007;9(1):83-100.

    Petrik MS, Wong MC, Tabata RC, Garry RF, Shaw CA.

    Department of Ophthalmology and Program in Neuroscience, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.



  8. Lowell says:

    Safety of Aluminum Added to Vaccines as a Vaccine Adjuvant

    Paul Offit and the Vaccine Industry, (what the real truth is); here’s another fact; he doesn’t actually have any safety nor effectiveness science. It is all a lie!

    Mol Psychiatry. 2012 Apr;17(4):389-401. doi: 10.1038/mp.2011.165. Epub 2011 Dec 6.

    Rossignol DA, Frye RE.

    Source: International Child Development Resource Center, Melbourne, FL, USA.

    A review of research trends in physiological abnormalities in autism spectrum disorders: immune dysregulation, inflammation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and environmental toxicant exposures.


    Autism Epidemic, Is Foreign DNA in MMR II Vaccine Responsible? CBCD Suggests CDC Study Microcompetition Theory

    The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD) believes that the cause of the epidemic is the foreign DNA in the MMR II vaccine.


    Foreign DNA Fragments Cause Major Diseases


    The Blood and its Third Anatomical Element

    I want to ask you this Andrew? Do you think that the CDC needs to do and fund more real studies on vaccines and multiple vaccines, that have a factor of providing some unbiased oversight built into it? No need for that, whatsoever? All the needed physiological vaccine science is in? Yes, or no?

    How can they call a vaccine clinical trial a safety study when they do not even use a true placebo? Other vaccines have been used as a placebo. In regard to such as Gardasil fast tracked in 2006; they used a placebo containing the aluminum adjuvant; disregading the fact that all three shots of Gardasil end up containing over 600 mcg of aluminum. There is as well somewhat unconfirmed information that there was a second placebo contained the carrier solution; meaning all the vaccine ingredients but the antigen component. How can any vaccine safety be determined under such conditions? Then consider the Merck scandle as to Vioxx, and then they turn right around and had Gardasil approved? Now, either what I have put forth here is correct, or it is not. Your next reply post needs to explain exactly why you believe it is not? Good luck.

  9. Lowell says:

    What is the most common metal element on this planet’s crust?

    Answer: Aluminum

    Your question was not replied to because it is irrelevant.

    If you take a look at this information, you will realize that there is no aluminum in the natual makeup of the human body. There is as well no requirement for it. Thus, if you had any common sense here, you would realize that we are talking about human beings, and not the make up of the earths crust; so thus your said question as said, remains entirely irrelevant.

    Human body elemental abundance

    Mercury is a naturally occurring element that is found in air, water and soil. It exists in several forms: elemental or metallic mercury, inorganic mercury compounds, and organic mercury compounds. As well there is no need nor requirement for it in the human body.


    So go ahead and ignore all common sense and as well again a Thimerosal study like this, right? You want to ignore as well all the existing aluminum adjuant studies, that show the exact mechanism of harm. As if thsoe stusies never existed, correct? You additionally want to ignore the information that aluminum received that label of (GRAS), in 1929, and you want to ignore that clearly the CDC documents admit to that no safety data exists, and that nor have any any studies been done on aluminum adjuvants? You are ignoring that, correct?

    Lack of Aluminum Adjuvant Safety Data, (referenced from the CDC documents)

    J Toxicol. 2012; 2012: 373678.
    Published online 2012 June 28. doi: 10.1155/2012/373678PMCID: PMC3395253
    Thimerosal-Derived Ethylmercury Is a Mitochondrial Toxin in Human Astrocytes: Possible Role of Fenton Chemistry in the Oxidation and Breakage of mtDNA


    So, your apparent and misguided claim is what, Chris? That these two neuro toxic to humans metals, aluminum and mercury, being that exist naturally; are thus to be considered entirely safe to inject, in the form it is used in a vaccine? Is that not the claim you are making? Thus ignoring any real science at all, showing the neurotoxity of both aluminum, and mercury. I think your argument clearly fails on all levels, Chris. Are you simply making excuses to ignore the real science that the CDC refuses to acknowledge?? Of course you are.

  10. Lowell says:

    I have a question for you Chris? Do you or do you not think that studies like the ones I have put forth, should be taken seriously? What would be the reason that they remain ignored?

    As for you Seth, why are you leaving my (continuation), second reply from yesterday, in the yet to be moderated mode? If you really want deal in science, scientific principals, and uncensored information; you won’t be doing that. As well, I will ask you why you refuse to participate in the debate here, on your article? I wanted to address your comments here, and debate you personally on those issues; and not some smoke screens and diversions promoting shill.

    Aluminum adjuvant linked to gulf war illness induces motor neuron death in mice.

    Neuromolecular Med. 2007;9(1):83-100.

    Petrik MS, Wong MC, Tabata RC, Garry RF, Shaw CA.

    Department of Ophthalmology and Program in Neuroscience, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


    Follow The Existing Science

    For decades, we’ve been told by our federal health agencies that autism is a mystery. They don’t know what causes it, they don’t know how to treat it. They don’t even know if the increase in diagnoses is real. REALLY, CDC? REALLY?

    A new study published by Dr. Dan Rossignol and Dr. Richard Frye in the journal Molecular Psychiatry* reviewed the world’s scientific literature to identify studies implicating biochemical abnormalities in ASD.

    Here’s what they found:

    437 publications examined immune dysregulation or inflammation in ASD; 416 (95%) found an association
    115 publications examined oxidative stress in ASD; all 115 found an association
    153 publications examined mitochondrial dysfunction in ASD; 145 (95%) reported an association
    190 publications examined environmental toxicant exposures in ASD; 170 (89%) found an association
    62% of the publications in these 4 areas were published in the last 5 years (2006-2010)

    Genetic studies were the most common type of study in the medical literature concerning ASD; these studies accounted for more studies (1,576) than these 4 areas combined.

    [And did the genetic studies find solid conclusions? No.]

    Read more:


    • Chris says:

      Answer mine first.

      What is the most common metal element on this planet’s crust?

      Here is a hint: it is used in bicycle frames.

  11. Seth Mnookin says:

    Hey, guys —
    I appreciate the debate, but I think this specific discussion has probably run its course — call my crazy, but I don’t think any of the people commenting on this post are about to change their minds. I don’t want to foment more frustration or anger, so I’m going to close down comments on this post.
    Thanks for all the contributions.