Research on the move – new mobile sites for PLOS journals

PLOS is pleased to announce new mobile websites for its suite of influential journals. The mobile journal experience has been optimized for easy browsing on small screens, with a simplified interface that highlights popular and newsworthy content. It features:

  • Prominent article titles and abstracts for quick browsing
  • Condensed article sections to make it easy to get to the right content
  • Flexible display options for search and browse results
  • Streamlined figure views with the option to open and zoom into full resolution figures

PLOS Mobile

As is sometimes necessary, this initial release does not include every bit of functionality you currently see on the full site. For example, while you can read article comments from your phone, posting new comments is not yet supported. We’ve worked hard to include those features researchers are most likely to utilize from a phone, and for content or functionality not yet optimized for phones we’ve provided links to corresponding pages on the full site.

All the articles that PLOS publishes have always been immediately free to access online, distribute and reuse; now they are available to readers wherever they roam. Let us know how you conduct research on the go!

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