Much love to Xeni Jardin

We want to send out our best wishes for comfort, success, and a speedy recovery to Boing Boing co-editor Xeni Jardin as she takes a major step this morning in her journey through breast cancer.

Miles O'Brien and Xeni Jardin (and Monkey, too). From Xeni's Twitter feed, 11 June 2012.

Xeni let us know last night that Miles O’Brien will be running her Twitter feed post-operatively. Her surgery begins this morning at 7:30 Pacific time.

Xeni documented her diagnosis for all of us back in December and has been selfless in sharing her story as it unfolds, providing fora for discussion and understanding for the 230,000 women and 2,100 men diagnosed with invasive breast cancer each year (and that’s in the US alone).

We struck up a friendship a couple of weeks ago when she tweeted in as I was live-streaming an interview I did with Dr. Mansukh Wani, co-discoverer of the anticancer drug Taxol (paclitaxel). She reported that Taxol was brutally tough on her body but it had shrunk her tumor. Nevertheless, she’d have to undergo surgery.

Love to her, her Mom, family, and all of her friends.

Update: Here’s a tweet and photo of Xeni flashing the victory sign after surgery.

Update (13 June): Looking fabulous in a photo 24 hr post-surgery.

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2 Responses to Much love to Xeni Jardin

  1. monkey says:

    so, you’re the person who facilitated that amazing exchange Xeni told me about. If love could kill cancer, Xeni and her support team could wipe it off the face of the earth. Until then, thanks for sharing the truth.

  2. David Davidson says:

    Sending out positive vibes to Xeni as she undergoes surgery. My thoughts and prayers are with you.