The Republican War on π

For those of us who use the month/date calendar convention today, March 14th, is “Pi Day.”

But while rooting around the intertubes for something neat to post today, I learned that the US House of Representatives passed a 2009 resolution (PDF) declaring today “Pi Day” to promote science and math among US schoolchildren. The resolution also recognized, “the continuing importance of National Science Foundation’s math and science education programs.”

However, the vote was 391-10 for the resolution. Yes, 10 congresspersons voted against the proclamation.

And guess what?

All 10 were Republican representatives.

Chaffetz, Jason, R-Utah, 3rd
Flake, Jeff, R-Arizona, 6th
Heller, Dean, R-Nevada, 2nd
Johnson, Timothy V., R-Illinois, 15th
Miller, Jeff, R-Florida, 1st
Pence, Mike, R-Indiana, 6th
Shuster, Bill, R-Pennsylvania, 9th
Poe, Ted, R-Texas, 2nd
Paul, Ron, R-Texas, 14th
Neugebauer, Randy, R-Texas, 19th

Details here. Read to the end – Chaffetz gets a pass from me.


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