Love others. Period.

My wife sent this wonderful post to me, I’m Christian, unless you’re gay,” written by Dan Pearce at Single Dad Laughing. Despite the title, it’s neither for the religious or atheist – it’s for us all.

My dear friends…

This has to stop. We have to put our ugly picket signs down. We have to be the examples that help make it happen in our own lives and in the lives of the people that surround us.

We have to be that voice. We each must be that voice.

We must tell others that we will not accept or listen to such hurtful and hateful sentiments.

We must show love where love right now doesn’t exist.

Will you please join me?

With 4,085 comments at the time I wrote this, I can find no better reminder of what this season is meant to be.

Go read.

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