The inescapable reminder

I may be just as guilty as the mainstream media but here goes…

I’ll have my annual September 11th repost up on Sunday. But I learned the other day just how painful this week is for families of victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The abrupt loss of a loved one is the most personal of tragedies.

Yet for 9/11 families, they have to relive their losses annually – or even more often when politicians and policymakers point to the date of their loss for whatever initiative they’re promoting at the time.

The most personal of tragedies – suffered under the most public of circumstances – again and again. How many of us repeatedly are forced to witness images of events knowing that our loved one is being crushed or incinerated at that very moment? My fingers are shaking even as I write these words.

These past two weeks have been particularly difficult to people I know from my home county in New Jersey. I want you to know that I am thinking of you.

But, then again, I hope you are not reading. I should have been one less voice reminding you of what needs no reminding.

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One Response to The inescapable reminder

  1. PerrottiSanchez says:

    Well said, Abel.