Jon Shain – When the Well Runs Dry

No, this isn’t the title of Jon’s new album. Singer-songwriter and fiery finger-picking blues guitarist extraordinaire, Jon Shain, is without water at his house and he, Maria, and JoJo could use a bit of help.

As you just saw, with the well having to be dug up, the Shain family will be dumping a load of change down a hole – as it were – just in time for the holidays.

But you – yes, you! – can help and gain some accolades from your friends and family at the same time. You can show your good taste by sharing Jon’s music as a holiday gift!

From the xtranormal appeal:

It’s a win-win situation: Jon and Maria get to have water again and [insert family member’s name here] gets to have some new music to listen to.

Jon Shain at iTunes

For more descriptions of Jon’s music and links also to buy actual discs at CD Baby, you can check out his homepage here at Back in July, I reviewed Jon’s latest album, Times Right Now, but all of his work is worthy of your patronage.

Besides the fact that Jon is my guitar mentor, I’m always delighted to support his music because he works so hard to support his students and his community. For example, last Friday saw Jon host his 10th annual Post-Turkey Day Jam, a singer-songwriter round-robin that raised money for Inter-Faith Council for Social Service here in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, NC. Jon pulled together some big names: Will McFarlane (Bonnie Raitt), Peter Holsapple (dBs, Continental Drifters, Hootie, R.E.M.), Sally Spring (with Ted Lyons), Birds and Arrows, and New Town Drunks – all in the name of supporting those less fortunate in his community.

If you’re so inclined, help a brother out and show your great taste in music at the same time.

In the meantime, we’ll be wishing Jon well.

Not funny, I know.

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