Great week of news for Avett Brothers fans

A North Carolina post but of interest to all fans of The Avett Brothers – DJK

Driving down to Charlotte last week, I drove past the town of Concord and thought of The Avett Brothers. Even though I live in North Carolina, I’ve been kind of late to appreciating their music but I’m glad I do.

During the week, Meghan Cooke of the Charlotte Observer had a nice article on their dad, Jim Avett, himself an excellent musician, performer, owner of 70 guitars, and possessed of great wit. The money quote came when he was asked if he was proud of the fame his boys had achieved. Sure he’s proud but then Avett said, “But I’m really proud when they can help me with the hay for the cows.” A great article worth your time to understand where the boys come from. The “I and Love and You” video above gives us the tie-in to the boys helping with the hay.

Julianne in Vain, by Scott Avett. Oil on canvas. 2009.

But then today, papers around the region featured an article by Katie Scarvey of the Salisbury Post writing last week about the remarkable painting talent of Scott Avett. Fans are likely to know that the cover of the album, “I and Love and You,” is actually a painting by Scott entitled, “Julianne in Vain.” I hadn’t known, however, the depth of his painting background until I read Scarvey’s article.

Currently, 11 of Scott’s paintings are on display at EastSquare Artworks in Salisbury. Tomorrow night (Mon, 22 November), Avett will be giving the Fall Colloquy talk for the Center for Faith and the Arts at the Meroney Theatre in Salisbury. Tickets are $20.

Scarvey does a great job of explaining how Avett’s influences of family and faith informed his work today, including a book of sermons by his grandfather, Clegg Avett, a Methodist minister (review here). She also directs us to an essay Scott wrote recently about his painting for Muse & Spirit, a publication of the Center for Faith and the Arts. The Fall 2010 issue is devoted to Scott’s work and includes selected sermons from his grandfather and an opening essay by another Salisbury Post writer, Sarah Hall.

I had no idea. What a great talent. And what a remarkable family.


Cook, Meghan. Music of the Avetts: Scott, Seth – and JimCharlotte Observer, 17 November 2010.

Scarvey, Katie. Portrait of the artist: Scott Avett. Salisbury Post, 14 November 2010.

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