Gulf shrimpers post-BP blowout

Investigative journalist and local friend, Barry Yeoman, has a bittersweet and vivid article on Louisiana bayou shrimpers in OneEarth, a publication of the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC). We often hear generic pronouncements of how the oil disaster is affecting the way of life in these economically and biologically essential wetlands, but Barry’s rich writing puts the plight of Louisiana gulf culture in human terms. I encourage you to head over and give it a read, maybe even share a comment or two.

If you like the article, you may also care to listen to Barry’s other Louisiana project, Still Singing the Blues, a two-part radio documentary produced with Richard Ziglar on traditional blues and commercial R&B music being kept alive by unique performers in New Orleans and South Louisiana.

Just writing about this makes me want to head over to Papa Mojo’s Roadhouse for lunch but they’re closed on Mondays.

Yeoman, Barry. Gulf shrimpers wonder: “Are we next on the extinction list?” OneEarth, 8 November 2010.

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