Kidney with “whopper of a tumor” aims for Guinness record book

Eugene Tyner, left. Photo credit: Reporter, Josh Shaffer, N&O

Josh Shaffer of the News & Observer has written a story appearing today that is uniquely Southern – making lemonade from lemons, if you will.

Pikeville, NC, horse farm volunteer and former prison guard Eugene Tyner, 31, recently had his tumor-ridden kidney removed. The combined organ weighed 11 ounces.

But this is not a story of sadness and woe. Shaffer seizes upon the bright outlook of Mr. Tyner as he aims for Guinness Book of World Record status for the heaviest kidney ever removed from a living person:

If he makes the book, Tyner can humiliate the disease that nearly killed him. He can gloat over victory like a fisherman holding up a prize-winning marlin, smiling for the camera.

It’s a rare cancer story that makes you smile with some clever tongue-in-cheek writing by Shaffer.

By the way, you can follow Josh on Twitter @joshshaffer08 where he puts out a call for story leads:

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