Latest from the PLoGsters!

Many moons ago in blog years – January, 2006, to be exact – ScienceBlogs launched with a simple page that listed blogposts from each of their original blogs in the order they appeared (check out this page from the Wayback Machine for a teary-eyed bit of nostalgia).

Vestigial, like an appendix, but surprisingly useful.

When they adopted their frontpage as it appears today, you’ll still see the vestigial remains of the original page in the upper left menu bar entitled, “Last 24 Hours.”

A few bloggers here thought it would be a good idea to put such a theme on our sites (yes, because I drew a great deal of traffic from those lists), so you will now see to your right, Latest from the PLoGsters, listing the last 10 posts that have gone up from the new PLoG bloggers.

By the way, Jason Goldman at The Thoughtful Animal is the source of the term, PLoGsters. Many others are using the term, PLoGger, to refer to bloggers at PLoS Blogs.  However, I prefer PLoGster – it’s about as close to “hipster” as I may get these days.

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12 Responses to Latest from the PLoGsters!

  1. That would be Jason Goldman, though :-)

  2. David Kroll says:


  3. Travis says:

    I thought I’d been reading Scienceblogs for a long time, but I had definitely never seen that original front page!

    Do we need some sort of reader poll to choose our official PLoGs moniker?

  4. Ed Yong says:

    I suggested “PLoGholes” 😉

  5. Grant says:

    I prefer PLoGsters too. As I said in my welcome post, PLoGgers scans too much like plodders to me and PLoGsters sounds faintly criminal :-)

    You want to be the mobsters of the science blogging world 😉

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  7. gregdowney says:

    I agree, David. As a visitor though not writer on Sciblogs, I frequently pushed the Little Blue Button to see what had been happening, and found several writers I had not been aware of just by happening across what they wrote. If I could figure out…. errr… when Daniel and I figure out how to put it up, we’ll be using it, too. It’s going to be nice to find new stuff on my own site this way.

  8. daniel.lende says:

    Fun post, David. And Ed Yong’s comment made me laugh!

    I had hidden our Latest PLoGster Posts too far down – now the feed is where up where it belongs.

    Got nuttin wrong with being the gangsters of the science blogging world. Anthropologists are outsiders in any case… so might as well get some cred for it!

  9. Grant says:

    OK, David, I’m looking at the photo of you on the top-right of your post. Are you a relative of Elastic Woman? I mean how do get your hand on your shoulder like that? 😉

    (Seriously, the photo is fine. I just can’t resist an opportunity to have a little fun!)

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  11. David Kroll says:

    Grant, I’ve been told that I’m pretty good at patting myself on the back.

    The hand is that of none other than my dear colleague, Ed Yong, fighting cancer misinformation during the day for Cancer Research UK at Science Update and otherwise at his many-times-decorated Discover blog, Not Exactly Rocket Science.

  12. Martin Fenner says:

    David, this is a great idea, and I will add sidebar when I return home. My recent post on Flipboard is another way (for iPad owners) to get an overview of PLoS Blogs posts.