Author: Global Chagas Disease Coalition

Declaration of the Global Chagas Disease Coalition

Chagas disease is a silent killer. Throughout the Americas, an estimated 810 million people, most of whom are predominantly poor and marginalized, are infected by the deadly parasite causing Chagas disease, Trypanosoma cruzi. Children are particularly affected. With globalization, the disease is increasingly found in the US, Europe, Australia, and Japan. The US is now the seventh most affected nation worldwide. Tens of thousands of patients die each year from Chagas disease. About 30% of chronically infected individuals will develop heart complications with high probability of death. Less than 0.2% receive treatment today (DNDi, unpublished data). New problems are emerging notably with mother-to-child transmission, which could become the new face of Chagas disease.

Chagas disease is a hidden public health crisis needing increased and urgent attention.
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