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Does Exposure to Smoking (Either Passive or Active) Lead to Increased Allergies?

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Researchers Follow the Path of HIV and Prevention Interventions

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Improving the health of pre-adolescent children: The latest update to the Pediatric Medicine Collection

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PLOS Medicine launches a new Collection on Universal Health Coverage

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Further Integration: The latest update to the MHTF & PLOS Maternal Health Collection

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PLOS Resources on Ebola

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PLOS launches Clinical Immunology Collection

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When 2 Become 1: Integrating the Health Care needs of Mothers and Infants, the New MHTF-PLOS Collection on Maternal Health

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The Blue Marble Health Collection: Redrawing Boundaries that Disease has Already Crossed

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Assessing Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention in a Unprecendented Public Health Intervention

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