About Speaking of Medicine

Speaking of Medicine is the PLOS medical journals’ blog. We hope to provide an informal venue for readers, authors, editors and friends of the PLOS medical journals to discuss global health topics and issues that are important to the community. We encourage readers of the blog to take part in the conversation and contribute using the blog’s moderated commenting system. You can also receive the latest updates from the journals and the blog via twitter: @PLOSMedicine, @PLOSPathogens and @PLOSNTDs.

We are interested in hearing the views of writers on topics that are relevant to the field of medicine worldwide, as well as issues that are controversial or provocative.  We encourage writers, students, and medics to share their experiences, views on critical health issues, hopes for the future of medicine, opinions on the medical education system, as well as any other thoughts about topics relevant to global health issues.

To contribute, authors should e-mail pieces of around 800 words in length to speakingofmedicine@plos.org. A PLOS Medicine editor will evaluate each submission, and if a piece is approved for posting, a member of the staff will post it on the author’s behalf. Authors will be informed in advance of their piece being posted. We hope to make decisions and post quickly.

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