PLOS launches Clinical Immunology Collection

Nathaniel Gore, Editorial Project Manager of PLOS Collections, on the launch of a new Clinical Immunology Collection


Image Credit: NIAID/NIH, Wikimedia Commons / PLOS

Today PLOS launches a new Collection – the Clinical Immunology Collection. Following on from the successful redevelopment of the Synthetic Biology Collection, and responding to the commonly articulated request from our users that we provide more structured and efficient access to papers of interest in the PLOS corpus, the Clinical Immunology Collection is organized into several sub-disciplines, enabling researchers to easily locate the research they seek. To this end, the Clinical Immunology Collection launches today with sections on Allergies & Anaphylaxis and Tumor Immunology.

The Collection has been seeded with previously published PLOS content – from across the suite of PLOS journals – and will be expanded as new research and commentary is published by PLOS. Furthermore, the collection will see the addition of further Clinical Immunology subsections – including Immunodeficiency Syndromes, Autoimmune Conditions, Infectious Disease Immunology, Immunomodulatory Treatments and Transplant Immunology – and, later in the year, the addition of an Immunobiology Collection which will include sections on Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Evolutionary Immunology, Animal Models of the Human Immune System and Immune System Ontogeny.

To find out more about the Collection contact or, if you are at FOCiS 2014 this week, please drop by Booth 115 to receive a complimentary USB drive containing articles published by PLOS authored by FOCiS 2014 presenters, and selected articles from the corpus of clinical immunology research published by PLOS.

PLOS journals welcome and encourage submissions in all fields of immunology – click here for information on how to publish with PLOS. If you would like your submission to be considered by the curators of the PLOS Immunology Collections, please add a note to your cover letter or contact PLOS Collections (

Similar Collections to Synthetic Biology and Clinical Immunology will follow in the coming months.

Image Credit: NIAID/NIH, Wikimedia Commons / PLOS

Image Credit: NIAID/NIH, Wikimedia Commons / PLOS

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