This Week in PLOS Medicine: PRISMA-E; Foreign aid for maternal & child health; Experiencing dementia diagnosis

Image Credit: Ged Carroll

Four new articles published this week, including our monthly Editorial to wrap up the October issue:

The PLOS Medicine editors discuss the new extension to the PRISMA reporting guidelines, PRISMA for Equity (PRISMA-E), and why it is relevant to the journal and to health research more generally.

Given recent increases in development assistance money for maternal and child health, Catherine Pitt and colleagues examine whether foreign aid specifically for newborns has changed, whether it’s on par with the burden of newborn deaths worldwide, and how such funding can be tracked.

A systematic review of qualitative studies conducted by Frances Bunn and colleagues identifies and describes the experiences of patients and caregivers on receiving and adapting to a diagnosis of dementia.

Vivian Welch and colleagues present consensus-based guidelines for reporting equity-focused systematic reviews, the PRISMA-Equity extension.

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