This Week in PLoS Medicine: Aging & health; Clostridium difficile reporting; & more

Image Credit: Janice Carr

Five new articles published this week in PLoS Medicine, including a Perspective piece on one of our new Research Articles.

Kenneth Coburn and colleagues report findings from a randomized trial evaluating the effects of a complex nursing intervention on mortality risk among older individuals diagnosed with chronic health conditions.

Arlene Bierman discusses new research findings from a randomized trial evaluating community-based nursing interventions in older adults, and and comments on how we need to to re-engineer health systems to provide greater quality of care.

A population-based study conducted by Nick Daneman and colleagues in Ontario, Canada reports on the association between population reporting of hospital infection rates and a reduction in population burden of Clostridium difficile colitis.

Joseph Tucker and colleagues argue for social entrepreneurship, a new approach to help improve delivery of sexual health services.

Using the SWITCHMRK and MONET trials as examples, Andrew Carr and colleagues question the ethics and motives of switch or simplification trials of anti-retroviral therapy.

Remember you can comment on, annotate and rate any PLoS Medicine article and see the views, citations and other indications of impact of an article on that articles metrics tab.

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