This Week in PLoS Medicine: Sanitation & infection; adult mortality in Japan; Ghostwriting in the courts

Image Credit: Sustainable sanitation

This week PLoS Medicine publishes three new articles, including a follow-up to a previously published manuscript.

A systematic review and meta-analysis by Kathrin Ziegelbauer and colleagues finds that sanitation is associated with a reduced risk of transmission of helminthiases to humans.

Learn more about the findings by Nayu Ikeda and colleagues on adult mortality in Japan by reading our most recent Media Release post.

Xavier Bosch and colleagues expand upon a recent analysis by Simon Stern and Trudo Lemmens in PLoS Medicine and outline areas in which authors participating in medical ghostwriting could be held legally liable.

Remember you can comment on, annotate and rate any PLoS Medicine article and see the views, citations and other indications of impact of an article on that articles metrics tab.

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