This Week in PLoS Medicine: Statistical prediction of flu; Risk outcomes of severe flu; Pharmacovigilance

Image Credit: Daniel Paquet

This week in PLoS Medicine, three new articles were published, with two research articles and a new piece from our magazine section.

Using weekly influenza surveillance data from the US CDC, Edward Goldstein and colleagues develop a statistical method to predict the sizes of epidemics caused by seasonal influenza strains. This method could inform decisions about the most appropriate vaccines or drugs needed early in the influenza season.

Using data from three surveys, Maria Van Kerkhove and colleagues analyze data from 19 countries comprising some 70,000 hospitalized patients with severe H1N1 infection to reveal risk factors for severe pandemic influenza.

Jur Strobos and colleagues describe the deliberations of a recent multi-stakeholder meeting discussing the creation of a sustainable global pharmacovigilance system for antiretroviral drugs that would be applicable in resource limited settings.

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