This Week in PLoS Medicine: Aripiprazole & bipolar disorder; Meta-analyses of Adverse Effects; cART & more

Image Credit: Ano Lobb

Four new articles were published this week in PLoS Medicine, including three research articles:

A systematic search of the literature reveals limited evidence to support use of aripiprazole, a second-generation antipsychotic medication, in maintenance therapy of bipolar disorder, despite widespread use.

Su Golder and colleagues examine meta-analyses and assess whether estimates of the risk of harm differ between randomized trials and observational studies. On average, there is no difference in the estimates of risk between overviews of observational studies and overviews of randomized trials.

Molly Franke, Megan Murray, and colleagues report that early cART reduces mortality among HIV-infected adults with tuberculosis and improves retention in care, regardless of CD4 count.

Mark van Ommeren and colleagues describe how they chose five psychotropic medicines to add to the Interagency Emergency Health Kit, which is a box with medicines and medical supplies designed to help people in major humanitarian emergencies.

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