This Week in PLoS Medicine: LiST; Genetic analysis of PROMISSE; BCG World Atlas

Image Credit: Daniel Lobo

Three new articles were published this week in PLoS Medicine:

Using the Lives Saved Tool (LiST), Christa Fischer Walker and colleagues estimate that the scale-up of diarrhea prevention and treatment interventions over 5 years in 68 high child mortality countries could avert nearly 5 million deaths.

Jane Salmon and colleagues studied 250 pregnant patients with SLE and/or antiphospholipid antibodies and found an association of risk variants in complement regulatory proteins in patients who developed preeclampsia, as well as in preeclampsia patients lacking autoimmune disease.

Madhukar Pai and colleagues introduce the BCG World Atlas, an open access, user friendly website for TB clinicians to discern global BCG vaccination policies and practices and improve the care of their patients.  (The BCG World Atlas is available at

Remember you can comment on, annotate and rate any PLoS Medicine article and see the views, citations and other indications of impact of an article on that articles metrics tab.

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