This week in PLoS Medicine: Why circumcision reduces HIV risk; the unequal world of health data; malaria activism; evaluating eHealth; and more!

Read the new papers published in PLoS Medicine this week, including a Research Article that discusses the effects of genital ulcer disease and herpes simplex virus type 2 on the efficacy of male circumcision for HIV prevention, an Essay that argues that less data are available on the health of the poor than of the rich, and a Policy Forum that covers the ethical issues associated with data released from genome-wide association studies in developing countries.

Also published this week is the November Editorial, in which the PLoS Medicine Editors discuss shortages of artemisinin-based combination therapy in Africa at the point of care. And we publish the third Essay in a series on evaluating eHealth that considers the evaluation of health IT systems as they are rolled out following pre-implementation testing. (The previous two papers in the series, which discussed international collaborations in eHealth evaluation research and the need for continuous systemic evaluation of eHealth interventions, are also highlighted on the homepage).

You can comment on, annotate and rate this week’s PLoS Medicine articles and any of the others in the archive.

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