The Rat’s Revenge

Give the people what they want, I say. And so in that spirit, I’m happy to now be able to present something for which my critics have long clamored: video of me being attacked by angry rats.

Well, not quite. But here’s the next best thing. A few months ago, I was approached by Ben Lillie and the other good folks behind The Story Collider, a wonderful group that features people telling true stories about how science, medicine and technology have affected their lives. If you’re a fan of The Moth storytelling events, radio show and podcasts, you would undoubtedly enjoy The Story Collider’s slightly more science-flavored offerings. Take a look at their backlist of stories on podcast.

Ben was kind enough to invite me to participate in The Story Collider’s one-year anniversary event on June 23, the theme of which was “Reinvention.” Others on the bill were George Hrab, Jen Lee, Nancy Parmalee and Ed Gavagan, all of whom spun amazing tales that were by turn funny, heart-wrenching and terrifying.

My story, “Aggression,” is now available on both video and audio. (You can also get the audio through The Story Collider’s podcasts on iTunes.) It does indeed feature one very angry rat of the laboratory variety, and I am indeed placed in peril (of sorts). And yet I would hope that the overall effect is primarily amusing. Caution: The story does include reminiscences of animal experimentation and bad 1970s fashion.

John Rennie: Aggression from The Story Collider on Vimeo.

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