JR Minkel, Still with Us Online

Many of us who so fondly remember the late science writer JR Minkel were probably a bit startled to find his byline in the “7 Radical Energy Solutions” feature in the May issue of Scientific American. Long publishing lead times, particularly for monthly magazines, can sometimes play such tricks. JR had contributed a short piece on quantum photovoltaics to that package; I imagine it was probably one of the last things he wrote professionally before he died.

That feature is currently still behind SciAm’s firewall, so I can’t yet provide a direct link to JR’s part of it.  (If that changes, I’ll update this post with that link.) [Update (5/16): But an interactive version of the feature is here; look for the part marked “Quantum Photovoltaics” and read the text that JR wrote.] However, If you would like to read some of JR’s other writing for the magazine, here’s a page of links to his work in its archives.

More important, though, I’m glad to say that another body of JR’s writing that had briefly disappeared from the Web is now back up. JR’s distinctive voice and sensibility—and maybe the best hints of who he would have become as a writer and thinker—were clearest in his posts at his Fistful of Science blog. Back in April, the registration for his domain lapsed, however, which rendered his work inaccessible.

Thanks to requests by his family and friends, and an intervention by the folks at WordPress, the JR’s Fistful of Science blog is now back online at fisfulofscience.wordpress.com. Read and enjoy.

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  1. Brandon Keim says:

    Thank you for this, John.