Public Health Perspectives: Guest Post Policy

Since we launched Public Health Perspectives, we’ve published several guest posts. We’re big fans of them – they’ve provided diverse and different perspectives on issues, and have been able to provide insight on issues we haven’t covered. The response from our readers has also been very positive, and so we’ve decided to open the process.

In the interests of transparency, we have developed a series of guidelines for anyone interested in posting with us, as well as an outline of how we approach guest posts. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at the email below.

We have three basic guidelines for those interested:

1) No self-promotion. While we appreciate that people will post about issues they are passionate about, we will not accept posts promoting your business, fundraising, or publicizing an event you’re organizing. However, if you have done an event or published recently and want to discuss or reflect on it, that is okay.

2) All posts must have scientific backing. Commentaries and opinion pieces can be considered, however, they have to be backed up with evidence. Sensationalist language and fear-mongering are unacceptable.

3) Posts must be written for a generalist audience. We have a diverse reader base, and so we will be looking specifically for pieces that explain ideas and concepts clearly to non-specialists in the field.

We’re interested in broadening our perspectives at the blog, so anyone from students, to researchers, to teachers, to healthcare professionals (among others) are all welcome. We’re looking for diverse views on public health, and to lend a voice to those outside of our areas of expertise.

What we suggest is that anyone interested in posting with us send us an email with a 1-2 paragraph outline of your piece. We will provide feedback, and let you know if there are any red flags that come up. Assuming everything is fine, we’ll then send it back to you to write up into a 600-1000 word blog post. We’ll provide input on the final document, and if we still think it’s a good fit, we’ll schedule it for publication. If not, the piece is yours, so you’re welcome to submit it anywhere else that accepts guest posts.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Atif, Beth and Lindsay

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3 Responses to Public Health Perspectives: Guest Post Policy

  1. Alice Calch says:

    Thanks, for the guidelines. It looks like very simple.

  2. Thanks for your great exposure about Public Health Perspectives, am fully agreed with the sense of the topic discussed here.

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