Stay Unique – PLOS introduces ORCID Identifiers

PLOS is pleased to announce the introduction of ORCID Identifiers to the people records in the manuscript submission system.

This update improves the accuracy of over 600,000 author and reviewer records. Matching researchers with their own work, and not that of someone else with the same or a similar name, is important because careers are built on these connections.

ORCID in PLOS Submission System

ORCID in PLOS submission system

After registering for an ORCID Identifier or inserting an existing one, Authors can build a professional profile by importing their work (articles, videos, conference abstracts) from the web or adding it manually.

Rebecca Bryant, Director of Community for ORCID said “ORCID is delighted to be working with PLOS.  Providing authors the opportunity to associate publications with their unique researcher identifier makes their work more discoverable and supports the open science goals of PLOS.”

Please update your EM information with an ORCID Identifier when submitting an article to PLOS.

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