New data source added to PLOS ALM

We’re expanding the range of data sources in PLOS ALM to provide users with additional ways to evaluate the importance of research. F1000Prime recommendations now appear on 3000 highly influential PLOS articles (this number will grow as more articles are added).

Leading PLOS articles recommended by this new data source will feature the visual below, which includes a numerical score allocated to each review.


John Chodacki, Director of Product Management at PLOS said “Along with F1000Prime recommendations, researchers now have a diverse combination of metrics that more comprehensively evaluate the impact of an article.”

Increasing the range of PLOS ALM data sources helps tell a more complete story of how articles are used once they have been published – the F1000Prime metric is a new type in our suite, a qualitative recommendation, rather than a quantitative “share” or citation.

This valuable information can be shared with collaborators, institutions and funders to demonstrate the broader impact of research and helps guide readers to influential articles.

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