Launch of peer review guide by Sense About Science

PLOS is pleased to endorse the launch of a peer review guide by Sense About Science that helps the public make sense of research claims.

Borrowing from their press release:

I Don’t Know What to Believe: Making Sense of Science Stories…explains the peer review process—the system researchers use to assess the validity, significance and originality of papers. It captures experiences and insights from editors and scientists and encourages people to ask “is it peer reviewed?” when reading science stories.

“Peer review is an important part of the scientific process, and one indicator that can help readers distinguish in the mass of science they hear reported every day between what they can have confidence in and what they should treat with more caution,” said Ginny Barbour, Medicine Editorial Director, PLOS.  “Furthermore, understanding how peer review works gives an insight into how science itself is done: I Don’t Know What to Believe bridges a crucial gap in understanding between scientists and the public.”

To learn more about this initiative please visit


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