Tell the White House to Expand Open Access to Federally Funded Research

We have the opportunity to influence policy at the highest level by signing this petition in support of Open Access.  The OA movement is gaining momentum and we firmly stand alongside any organization or initiative that seeks to eliminate unnecessary barriers to immediate availability, access, and use of research. That is why I am signing this petition, and urging others to join me.

The Obama Administration is currently considering policy priorities that it will act on before the 2012 Presidential Election, and we have a brief, critical window of opportunity to demonstrate our strong commitment to expanding open access to research funded by all U.S. Federal Science Agencies.

The White House will consider policy action if we can get a large response to this petition. After signing, blog it, email it to friends, tweet it, like it on Facebook, and help this petition go viral. It will only be active for thirty days so we need to act now.

Signing the petition will only take few moments of your time, but it could have a profound impact on future research. You can make a difference.

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