PLoS Computational Biology’s 2011 T-shirt

We’re delighted to announce the winner of our annual t-shirt competition. This year’s design, created by Alper Uzun, will be available (in limited numbers) at the PLoS Computational Biology booth at ISMB/ECCB Vienna 2011 in July. Make sure you drop by Booth 33 to pick yours up!

Dr. Alper Uzun is a computational biologist specializing in the genetics of complex diseases; particularly preterm birth and preeclampsia. He is working in the pediatrics department at the Women and Infants Hospital of RI and affiliated with the Center for Computational Molecular Biology at Brown University. Besides being a scientist, he is a cartoonist and scientific illustrator, as well as the creator of Biocomicals which is a cartoon blog for science and medicine. Recently, his cartoons were published on the PLoS Blogs network.

In his design he focused on the transformation of information from biological to computational sciences. The DNA motif in the center represents the key transformation spot, and scientific information flows into the PLoS logo to create a global network in the field of computational biology.

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