Conference Postcards from Vienna

PLoS Computational Biology invites you to send us a postcard from ISMB/ECCB 2011 ! PLoS Conference Postcards represent a novel way for upcoming members of the scientific community to report on cutting-edge research presented at key conferences. Your Postcard will focus on one of the highlights of ISMB – a keynote, paper presentation, poster session, software demonstration, or tutorial. All Postcards will be considered by the Editors and those selected will be published in PLoS Computational Biology as part of an article summarizing the conference.

Your Conference Postcard should be between 800-1000 words, and should include:

o A synopsis of what was presented.

o Reasons why you think your chosen highlight is outstanding.

o How it related to the theme of the meeting.

o The impact it had on attendees.

o Additional references considered useful.

Preference will be given to reports that demonstrate evidence of additional research into the topic. No permission from speakers is required beyond those obtained by ISMB.

Please find full guidelines on the ISMB website.

Send your submission to contribute[at] by August 2nd

Need inspiration? Check out previous Postcards articles at our new collection.

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