Announcing the new PLoS Search API

The new PLoS Search API (Application Programming Interface) allows anyone to build their own applications for the web, desktop or mobile devices using PLoS content.

By opening up our content and data through this API, we hope to encourage the development of more tools that will improve the way PLoS users discover and interact with our content, as well as their own.

The new Search API gives developers access to rich data that can be flexibly integrated into applications and websites. It allows PLoS content to be queried using any of the fields in the PLoS Search Engine.

There are a number of different ways we can imagine developers using the Search API. To get your creative juices flowing, here are some examples of widgets we have built:

Here’s what Richard Cave, Director of IT at PLoS said about the PLoS API, “We are pleased to be able to allow developers to leverage PLoS content and data to improve their own web offerings.”

To get started, developers need to obtain a key (and all comers will receive one). We look forward to seeing your new apps, and please watch out for an exciting competition announcement in the near future.

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