Update of the PLoS Journal Websites to Ambra 1.1

We will update the PLoS journal websites with the Ambra 1.1 release tonight along with server upgrades. The PLoS journal websites will be down from approximately 7:30pm PDT to 9:30pm PDT. During this time, the journal websites will display a site maintenance page directing users to PubMed Central.

The features implemented in Ambra 1.1 include:

  • Support for NLM DTD 2.3 and new XSL stylesheets. The single XSL stylesheet has been split into two stylesheets: a generic XSL stylesheet to handle NLM DTD 2.3 and an XSL stylesheet specifically for Ambra.
  • Support for HTML iframes for advertising blocks.
  • Caching of CrossRef search results on the “Find this Article Online” page.
  • Fix to author and editor search facet sorting.
  • Fix to search results for author affiliation.
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