PLoS ALM Data in Google Fusion Tables

Google Fusion Tables is a new Google labs endeavor that allows people to upload data tables from spreadsheets for sharing and visualizing data online. Google provides the Fusion Tables API for programmatic access to the data content. The PLoS Article Level Metrics data from May 18, 2010 was uploaded to Google Fusion Tables and is publicly available.

The Google Fusion Table links to the PLoS Article Level Metrics data are:

You can compare this data to the PLoS ALM data that was uploaded to Many Eyes in October 2009 and put into some nice visualizations by Mike Chelen.

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2 Responses to PLoS ALM Data in Google Fusion Tables

  1. Mike Chelen says:

    Thanks for putting the ALM data on GFT, it supports complex queries for large datasets, while still being free.

    The latest V4 ALM data is now uploaded on GFT as well.

    Will the bulk ALM data continue to be updated, since ALM has its own API now? The ability to run SQL-like queries on the data adds a lot of flexibility for analysis.

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