PLoS Blog update

Last week, we made a little upgrade to the PLoS Blog.

If you look at any individual post you will see that we added the “e-mail this page” and “Printer-friendly version” buttons on the bottom of each post.

We have also started allowing trackbacks on our posts. Just like comments, trackbacks will be moderated due to large amounts of spam that are still attacking our system. We check the approval cue for comments and trackbacks on the blog regularly, so yours will show up after a short lag (and if it does not, give me a heads-up by e-mail).

Now look at the right side-bar, where we have made some re-arrangements, some features got new names, and new features have been added.

We have added a new Channel – In The News – where we will highlight the media and blog coverage of our most popular articles.

We have added a Technorati widget so you can see who links to the blog.

Finally, we also added the Blogroll. At the moment, the front page will showcase five from our very long list of favorite blogs and we’ll rotate them to eventually give them all their time in the sun. If you want to make suggestions for our list you can let me know.

This is just the first set of small changes on the PLoS Blog. Keep an eye on it as more changes will be coming in the future, making the blog better, prettier and easier to use.

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