PLoS Hub for Clinical Trials now launched – take a spin

The PLoS Hub for Clinical Trials is live today – completing the merger of PLoS Clinical Trials with PLoS ONE. Our goal in developing Hubs is to provide a place where you, the researcher or reader, can easily reach relevant PLoS content and build on it. Think of the Hub as a gateway directly connecting you to articles that you are likely to be interested in; you can sign up to get email alerts of the most recent additions directly from the Hub.

Articles included in the Hub are published on the Topaz platform, which means that you can use the tools we’ve developed for annotating, discussing, and rating articles for every paper included in the Hub. These features are available on content previously published in PLoS Clinical Trials and on PLoS ONE, and papers from the soon-to-be launched PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. Ultimately we hope that the Hub will grow into a great resource for clinical triallists.

PLoS is as committed as ever to publishing the results of all clinical trials, regardless of outcome, and to making this information freely and publicly available; find out more about how you can submit your trials research to PLoS journals.

If you are interested in the results, conduct and design of trials, check out the Hub, try out the commenting and rating tools, and send us your feedback: what do you want to see, and be able to do, in the Hub? This is just the beginning, and we plan to add further Hubs for specific subject areas, as well as cool new community features. Visit, come back, and comment!

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