Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my Birthday. I’m entering a prime of life, although I’m not going to tell you which one. I only mention this because PLoS ONE has given me an extra special gift. This day, my birthday as I may have mentioned, we accepted for publication our 1,000th paper.

You will all have to wait a few more weeks to see my present but I can tell you that it is authored by one of the PLoS ONE Editorial Board and has the kind of highly rigorous mathematical analysis that particularly appeals to me.

Not sure how they arranged to accept the 1,000th paper on my birthday (2:30 a.m. my time in fact) but for this, and everything, my unreserved thanks go out to the PLoS ONE team of Lindsay, Bonnie, Rebecca, Tessa (who made brownies) and Sharon; not forgetting Emma and Sarah who particularly care for clinical trials; the PLoS ONE Editorial Board for their tireless work; and everyone in PLoS.

Thanks guys, you’re special.


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