Signal Transduction: Poetry in Motion

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When I was in school, the scary parts of biology were cellular respiration and the synthesis and degradation pathways of the 20 amino acids. Each of us probably has our own personal bionightmares. For today’s students it could be all those …

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Cell-to-cell spread of HIV and its possible implications for antiretroviral therapy

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Today’s post features a conversation with an inspiring person about HIV transmission, health inequality in sub-Saharan Africa, and future directions for HIV control. Dr Boghuma Kabisen Titanji is a physician from Cameroon with a deep caring for people and

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First-ever bluebird twins highlight citizen science’s value in studying rare events

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Last September, Mr. and Ms. Winfield were reported in the news as defying odds of one in a trillion!

Did they win a lottery? Not the usual kind. They found 6 double-yolked eggs in one carton.

It turns out the …

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Feedback Wanted: Publishers & Data Access

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Short Version: We need your help!

We have generated a set of recommendations for publishers to help increase access to data in partnership with libraries, funders, information technologists, and other stakeholders. Please read and comment on the report (Google Doc), and help us …

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This week in PLOS Biology

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In PLOS Biology this week you can read about saving the world’s fish stocks, the intricacies of insect flight, non-human drumming, a new player in colon cancer, bringing species back from extinction, and a new role in cognition for an …

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You’ll need running shoes to see this theatre production

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SleepNoMoreTravis and I have been blathering on over the years about the downsides of prolonged sitting. We may have even made a few of you as paranoid as we’ve become about keeping sedentary time down to a minimum. We’ve told …

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How Do Flies Fly?

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It’s time to give some thought to how a blowfly, or actually any flight-capable creature flies. We circle back to physics here–drag, lift, thrust, and the weight of the creature as key factors. Calculation of the power required–and …

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Opens Roundup (March 25)

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In this issue, the US FIRST act meets opposition on all fronts, David Wiley (champion of open education) on the 5Rs of openness, Wellcome releases its report on how to promote an effective market for APCs, PeerJ one year

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The Final Steps of Your Undergraduate Research Experience: Peer Review and Publishing

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Conducting research is quickly becoming an integral part of the undergraduate STEM curriculum. The benefits of self-directed research early in an undergraduate education is echoed by my colleagues at The Student Blog (notably, Sarah Bhattacharjee, Rachel Cotton, Sean

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Gaining Perspective from Performing HIV/M. tuberculosis co-Infection Research in South Africa

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In the second of two linked posts for World TB Day, American post doc Collin Diedrich shares his experience researching M. tuberculosis/HIV co-infection in South Africa.

To read the first of these linked posts, please click here.

As …

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