The stick, the carrots and the bear trap

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UK HEFCE Public Access policy is a shift in the landscape

After a one-year consultation, the four UK higher education funding bodies (HEFCE) have issued the first national policy to explicitly link public access with research evaluation. Any research article

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Watching this interview may be bad for your health

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A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the local Global TV morning show here in Halifax, talking about the health impact of sedentary behaviour.  It was a fun interview, and we covered a lot of …

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Getting to CrossMark

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This week, we launched our participation in CrossRef’s CrossMark program. It’s an exciting step for PLOS, and getting there was a learning experience we hope you’ll find interesting.

The Program

CrossMark is a service of CrossRef that is gaining traction …

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Sci-Ed joins Lemur Week (video)

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Their ghostly eyes are lovely windows to their souls.

Lemurs are primates – they have long tails, tree-climbing hands, and incredible curiosity. At least that’s what I encountered on my visit to the Duke Lemur Center (sponsored by Owen Software

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A most un-Common Room

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According to Wikipedia, the great encyclopaedia of our time, “The Encyclopedia Galactica is a fictional or hypothetical encyclopaedia of a galaxy spanning civilization, containing all the knowledge accumulated by a society with quadrillions of people and thousands of years …

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Squirrels – Nut Sleuths or Just Nuts?

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Crazed squirrels: we’ve all seen them. Some dashing toward you only to stop short long enough to glare with beady eyes before fleeing, others dive-bombing the dirt, coming up with their heads waving back and forth. They’re the butt of …

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Science and data journalism at Nate Silver’s new 538

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Nate Hate: What the fox doesn’t know yet

Science was supposed to be part of the mix when Nate Silver, the highest profile statistician in history, first announced his move last year. That move being, you’ll recall, that he was …

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The Pick of RECOMB 2014

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Keen bioinformaticians will soon be on their way to the RECOMB 2014 conference, this year held in Pittsburgh, USA, April 2nd -5th. At PLOS Computational Biology we are delighted to have published five research articles in association …

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An Epidemic of Trauma on the Road

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This week on PLOS TGH, Christopher Tedeschi, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University and a practicing emergency physician, explores the global and local epidemic of road traffic accidents. From personal close-call, to big-picture epidemiology…


Last month, Graco Children’s

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Signal Transduction: Poetry in Motion

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When I was in school, the scary parts of biology were cellular respiration and the synthesis and degradation pathways of the 20 amino acids. Each of us probably has our own personal bionightmares. For today’s students it could be all those …

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