This week in PLOS Biology

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In PLOS Biology this week you can read about a survival strategy employed by Salmonella bugs, transcript capping in the cytoplasm and differences in the architecture of the visual cortex between rodents and higher mammals.


The mammalian visual

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I Smell Green, You Smell Blue

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Color Palate

In elementary school, we all learn about our five senses: taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound. Together, they continuously provide us with massive amounts of sensory input. One way we make sense of all this is by forming associations: between …

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#NoNewLicenses Update

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Since our coalition of over 50 signatories first released our letter to the STM Association calling on them to withdraw their new model licenses there has been overwhelming support. We’ve added new signatories daily to now reach 85. The most …

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On due dates (Or: why confidence intervals are often better than means)

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As regular readers will know, my wife is pregnant.  In fact, today is the due date.  As of this writing (2:30 EST), labour has yet to commence.

Throughout the pregnancy, my wife and I have constantly reminded ourselves that …

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Why the ice bucket challenge is different

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When something starts to show up enough on your Facebook or Twitter feed, you get sick of it. I get it. The ALS ice bucket challenge is now so big that TV news shows, while reading tweets to fill time …

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Distress- the 6th vital sign for cancer patients?

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A third or more of cancer patients experience significant psychological distress following their diagnosis. Yet a much smaller proportion receives any psychosocial services.

Cancer-Care-for-the-Whole-Patient-Meeting-Psychosocial-Health-NeedsThis situation is counter to recommendations from a number of sources, including the US Institute of Medicine …

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The rise and rise of Creative Commons: Over 1.2M CC Licensed Scholarly Articles

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In our call to the STM Association to withdraw their model licenses we drew attention to the fact that Creative Commons licenses are a de facto global standard. But sometimes it is claimed that (as the STM Association did in …

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UPDATED: RIP: The Knight Science Journalism Tracker & Robin Williams

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RIP Knight Science Journalism Tracker, sort of

UPDATE: The comments are piling up on the post announcing the Tracker’s end, 42 as I write, and they are 100% horrified.  I have asked Deb Blum and Wade Roush for …

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What’s the Buzz on Bee Pathogens?

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US National Honey Bee Day is August 16th. Read below for a selection of papers from PLOS Pathogens on honey bee decline in the world of pathogenesis. 

This post has been modified since its original posting on August 15, 2014. 

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Update: How Ebola Kills

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Eman’s emails arrive hours ahead of the news here. He wrote on Sunday, August 17:

“An Ebola quarantine site was  attacked and looted. News is that most of the patients have escaped. This is going to put more fear into

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