Happy Birthday to PLOS Medicine

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On the 10th anniversary of our first issue, the PLOS Medicine Editors reflect on some of our most interesting and influential articles. This week PLOS Medicine celebrates the 10th anniversary of our first issue. Don’t worry, you don’t need to … Continue reading »

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Health in hand: mobile technology and the future of healthcare

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Wi-Fi, smartphones, and all associated phenomena have permeated lives all around the globe. We are just seeing the first generation of humans to grow up with these things – the first of the ‘digital natives’. The health implications of virtual … Continue reading »

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RIP ScienceOnline, cave art in Indonesia is as old as European cave art, how human were Neandertals?

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This just in: RIP ScienceOnline (#scioX) ScienceOnline, which for the past few years has run the small annual meeting in North Carolina that brought together a disparate bunch of scientists and science groupies, most of them bloggers, is no more. … Continue reading »

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Improving the health of pre-adolescent children: The latest update to the Pediatric Medicine Collection

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In celebration of PLOS Medicine’s 10th birthday, we announce an exciting update to the Pediatric Medicine Collection, highlighting new articles focusing on the health needs of 5 to 10 year old children globally. In January 2014 PLOS Medicine launched a … Continue reading »

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Citizen Science on the Radio

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Editor’s Note: This guest post by former SciStarter editor Lily Bui originally appeared on the SciStarter blog Listen. Let’s get one thing straight: I am an unabashed public radio nerd. So, when citizen science and public radio come together, I am nothing … Continue reading »

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SCID-X1 Gene Therapy, Take 2

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Beneath all the bad news about viruses this week lies a good virus: the one that underlies gene therapy for X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID-X1). Altered viruses are the vehicles that transfer healthy human genes into the cells of people … Continue reading »

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Keep Calm and Evolve On

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Lauren Richardson, Associate Editor for PLOS Biology, discusses a new paper published in the journal. We generally think of evolution as a beneficial process, letting organisms adapt and excel in new and different environments. But as we all know, not … Continue reading »

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Pupil size and decision making, timing evolutionary innovation and understanding ATP allosteric functions: the PLOS Comp Biol September issue

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Here’s our pick of the highlights from September’s PLOS Computational Biology. The precision with which people make decisions can be predicted by measuring pupil size before they are presented with any information about the decision. According to Peter Murphy and … Continue reading »

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Fear vs. apathy as Ebola expands beyond Africa

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Should you be afraid? How afraid? While it’s tough to report well on any public health issue, it’s especially tough in the case of Ebola, where the essential messages seem to be contradictory: First, that Ebola is dangerous and devastating; … Continue reading »

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The Sound of Science! 5 Citizen Science Projects That Need Your Ears

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In our latest newsletter we’ve picked citizen science projects where you can collaborate with scientists and use sounds and radio waves to track environmental health, understand our solar system, and even search for extraterrestrial intelligence. And don’t forget to tune into … Continue reading »

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