Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease (APBD): A Diagnostic Challenge

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When Susan Coddon, a member of the board of directors of the Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease Research Foundation (APBDRF) e-mailed me a few weeks ago, I was intrigued. “Polyglucosan” didn’t ring any bells. Her husband learned he had the underrecognized condition … Continue reading »

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Media response: forecasting diseases using Wikipedia

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“It’s a perfect mix of exciting science, modern everyday technology, and public health.” Dr Marcel Salathé Many of us use Wikipedia solely as an online encyclopedia but we need to think bigger – there’s a huge amount to be learnt from … Continue reading »

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Open Access 2014: A Year that Data Cracked Through Secrecy and Myth

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    Scientists created a rod for their backs when they allowed the journals in which their work is published to become the arbiters of its scientific merit. A small tier of journals locked behind expensive paywalls became the elite of … Continue reading »

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Why I Dislike “Best of” Lists and Eman Update from Liberia

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I’m not a big fan of end-of-the-year lists, such as the “top-10-scientific-achievements of the year” and the “top-10-genetics-stories-for-2014.” Science shouldn’t be a popularity contest. I wouldn’t suggest such a list for DNA Science, because: 1. I can’t possibly know about all … Continue reading »

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3 Awesome Science/Health Books To Read This Holiday Season

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I know that I’m a little late to the game on the whole “gift guide” this year.  Last week I covered what *not* to buy your kids (a screen-based device), earlier this week I covered how to stay active with … Continue reading »

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This week in PLOS Biology

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In PLOS Biology this week you can read about wolves in Yellowstone National Park, regulation of hair growth, how proteins evolve new RNA-binding functions and the regulation of heat-shock response by histone demethylation.   Yellowstone Wolves and their Effects on … Continue reading »

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Let Me Count the Ways: Top 20 PLOS ONE Articles Based on Article-Level Metrics for 2014

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At PLOS ONE, we’ve been compiling year-end lists to reflect on the most popular articles and research videos published in our journal. But this year, we also wanted to compile an alternative list, based on article-level metrics (ALMs*), a collection … Continue reading »

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The demise of Dr. Oz

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We first came across Dr. Oz back in 2009 when he was on Oprah peddling the weight loss benefits of infrared saunas. As Travis pointed out, infrared saunas are not a miracle cure for obesity. Nor can they “liquefy fat … Continue reading »

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The Chariot jogging/cycling/skiing stroller is what every parent needs to stay active

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A few months ago my wife gave birth to our first baby.  It’s been a steep learning curve.  As expected, getting much physical activity has been tough at times. However, the single most helpful tool we’ve had has been our … Continue reading »

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Applied Anthropology as Limit

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Of late I’ve been saying that the constraints that come with applied work are useful for doing good theoretical and empirical work. Just as experimental models bring demands to the research process that can clarify methods and outcomes, so too … Continue reading »

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