What are your views on moral aspects of sport?

A PhD student at Dalhousie University is studying moral aspects of sport, and he needs your help completing a short questionnaire.  The questionnaire is completed online, and available here.  You do not need to have experience playing sport to participate in this study. Anyone can participate, as long as you can read English and are 18 years of age or older.

A short description of the survey:

Should religious clothing be banned from sports, even if it doesn’t enhance performance? Are initiation rituals inherently wrong? Should coaches value equal playing time above winning? Is fighting in hockey a good thing?  Click here to take a quick survey about moral issues in sport. Your opinions are very important and will help researchers better understand how to promote more civil and productive debates in sport! Email Shea (Sb@dal.ca) for more info! 

Full details can be found here.


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