Help stop fat bullying

Today’s guest post comes from author Linnie von Rekowsky.

Imagine being spat at while hearing choruses of peers chanting ‘porky’, ‘puffy’ or ‘fatso’. Imagine being pushed, tripped and otherwise physically assaulted. For many overweight children (and adults) public humiliation is a painful, daily reality.

“Weight stigma can affect every aspect of a child’s life. Children who are bullied for their weight may want to skip school, avoid physical activity and avoid social interactions with their peers. The scariest part is that weight stigma may have long-lasting detrimental effects on both physical and mental health throughout the lifespan”, says Dr. Angela S. Alberga postdoctoral fellow at the University of Calgary.

Increased media attention and multi coloured shirt days (pink shirt day – feburary 26th, blue shirt day – October 7th, both marking anti bullying days) have drawn our attention to the bullying cause.

We can always do more.

As a former employee of the Canadian Obesity Network I have had the privilege of being a member of the Sandbox Project’s  Healthy Weights working group as well as CON’s representative in the Obesity Action Coalition working group on Weight Bias and Stigma.

I recently wrote my second children’s book ‘Pom Pom – A Flightless Bully Tale’ in the hope of putting bullies in their place.

Meet Pomeroy. His friends and family call him ‘Pom Pom’ for short. Pomeroy hates his nickname and would prefer to be called by his real name: Pomeroy Paulus Jr III. Like any boy his age he’s busy trying to impress ‘the birds’, namely one bird: Pia. Pomeroy dreams of a pair of orange swim trunks; the ones that Pete, Pucker and Piper own. The same ones Pia said she loved. There’s just one little hiccup. The antAmart doesn’t carry his size. 

Pomeroy stands for all the children who face bullying every day.

By pre- purchasing your copy of this anti – bullying tale you will help Pomeroy take flight.

To learn more about ‘Pom Pom – A Flightless Bully Tale’ and support our fundraising efforts click here.


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One Response to Help stop fat bullying

  1. kevin says:

    Glad to see there’s more efforts in this area. I’m never sure how people think shame and guilt are the ways to approach the obesity epidemic.