Weight loss will not solve obesity-related bullying – Obesity Panacea Podcast # 29

I really enjoy podcasts.

I listen to them almost everyday during my walk to/from the lab, while I’m working out, and while I’m making supper.  Peter and I have been doing an Obesity Panacea podcast intermittently over the years, and I have always wanted to make it a regular feature. Given that I’ve recently transitioned to a new job and a new city, I thought this would be a good time to make the podcast a more regular feature.

My goal is for the podcast to feature interesting conversations with obesity/health researchers.  There are lots of podcasts/shows that interview researchers about specific new findings (e.g. the wonderful Quirks and Quarks).  So I’m hoping to instead focus a bit more on the bigger picture; why people were drawn to their area of research, what their research program tells us as a whole (as opposed to focusing only on the latest study), etc.

And since we’re not limited to a 5-8 minute segment, I’m hoping that people will be able to discuss their research in a way that they couldn’t in other venues (I know from experience that in a typical interview you can only get in a few very specific bullet points of information, which can be very frustrating).

Today on the podcast my guest was my good friend and colleague Atif Kukaswadia.  Atif is nearing completion of his PhD in Epidemiology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. Over the years his research has looked at the way that obesity, bullying and acculturation relate to health.  Of particular interest is his paper on the relationship between bullying, obesity and weapon carrying (available here).  In the podcast Atif explains why simply telling kids to lose weight isn’t a very good solution for obesity-related bullying.

In addition to his research Atif is a prolific blogger, contributing to both the Sci Ed and Public Health Perspectives blogs here on PLOS BLOGS (the same folks that host Obesity Panacea), as well as contributing to Queen’s University’s Gradifying blog. You can also find Atif on Twitter @MrEpid.

The papers discussed by Atif in the podcast can be found at the below links.

Obesity as a Determinant of Two Forms of Bullying in Ontario Youth: A Short Report

Bullying as a mediator of relationships between adiposity status and weapon carrying

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I should note that my video recording software wasn’t working so Atif was good enough to record the above video for me.  The bad news is that it means the video is mostly of my face, rather than Atif’s.  I’ve already fixed my recording software, so both the audio and video will be a bit better next time around.

Enjoy the podcast!


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