Participant’s Needed – An Online Survey

Earlier this fall we introduced a new feature where we publicize studies looking for human participants.  Once each month, I will put up a post with short descriptions of studies requiring human subjects.

I have two basic requirements. To be included, a study must:

  1. Have received institutional ethics approval.
  2. Be related in some way to physical activity, sedentary behaviour, diet, or obesity.

If I feel a study is inappropriate for some reason, then I won’t post it. But otherwise I’m happy to promote studies in any geographic location, and on any specific population. Research can’t happen without participants, and I’m happy to help people find out about studies that might be of interest to them.  If you have a study you’d like featured on Obesity Panacea, email me at saunders (dot) travis (at) gmail.

This month we have a study from The Chronic Disease Systems Modeling lab at Simon Fraser University.  This study is an online survey, so you can participate from anywhere!  I did the survey this morning and it took less than 10 minutes.  You can find the survey and the full supporting info here.  I’ve posted a brief description of the study below.  If you have a few minutes at lunch today, please take a moment to contribute to this new study!

The Chronic Disease Systems Modeling Laboratory at Simon Fraser University is seeking volunteers (must be 19 or older) to participate in a research study to learn about individuals’ perceptions of factors that influence body weight and how individuals differ in their perceptions.

Participation involves completing an online survey, taking approximately 20 minutes.  Questions ask about demographics, personality traits, and factors related to weight management. Participation is completely anonymous: there is no need to provide personal data such as name, address, or phone number.

Background and Rationale

Obesity is a complex problem impacted by many psychological, physiological and sociological drivers. We want to learn about individuals’ perceptions of factors that influence body weight and how individuals differ in their perceptions.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Diane Finegood, Ph.D. Professor
Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology
Chronic Disease Systems Modeling Lab
Simon Fraser University
Telephone: 604-714-2771






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3 Responses to Participant’s Needed – An Online Survey

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  2. Joanne A says:

    A note to Dr. Finegood about the study design: a question asked about “your highest weight ever” without stating whether pregnancy was included or not. So I gave a number from the end of my last pregnancy, which was 25lb above my current weight and would be “obese” for a non-pregnant woman of my height. Later I anwswered a question about weight fluctuations with the choice “my weight has always been roughly stable” because it has been, outside of gestation. That will look like a contradiction and could potentially confound results. Perhaps too late now, but you might consider marking the earlier question “your highest weight ever, not during any pregnancies”.

    • Travis Saunders, Phd, MSc, CEP says:

      Thanks Joanne – I’ve passed your comment along to Dr Finegood’s research team.